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Amazon Web Services

Public cloud IaaS providers like AWS offer agile on demand infrastructure but rental costs can be very high for larger deployments. The CacheBox solution accelerates the performance of database applications deployed on AWS by 15% while at the same time reduces monthly rental cost by 45%.

Transaction Processing

Databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB and MySQL are susceptible to I/O bottlenecks where slow reads and writes can negatively impact the time it takes to process transactions. CacheBox offers a unique software-only solution that accelerates application performance (Transaction Per Second) by 441% without any disruption to users or server and storage operations.

Business Analytics

Operational databases such as MongoDB are deployed to support analytic workloads that evaluate and help enterprises act on large and diverse data sources in real-time. The CacheBox solution accelerates application performance (Operations Per Second) by 426%. Customers are able to achieve near all-flash performance while only requiring 20% of the total database size to be cached in solid state drives resulting in significant TCO savings.

CacheBox Application Performance Acceleration Technology. Unique. Modular. Flexible on Deployment.

Application Performance Accleration

CacheBox is the first vendor in the industry to provide a performance acceleration solution for Tier 1 databases that leverages application policy based management to optimize and increase the performance of critical components such as tables, collections and indexes to significantly increases the number of transactions processed or the speed of queries.

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CacheAdvance™ for Windows & Linux

CacheAdvance is a software-only, hardware agnostic, application acceleration solution that runs on bare metal Windows or Linux servers. Big data, web and database applications can be accelerated 18x over traditional storage solutions. CacheAdvance non-disruptively accelerates the data I/O that matters most to key business applications while avoiding costly server and storage upgrades.

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CacheAdvance™ for Virtual Environments

Enterprises today rely on multiple hypervisors to run a wide variety of application workloads. A common challenge though is the sluggish performance for Tier 1 business critical applications, especially as virtual machine (VM) densities increase. The CacheBox solution supports VMware, KVM, Citrix and HyperV and overcomes the VM density challenge for business critical workloads through application-aware performance acceleration technology.

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Easy, Non-Intrusive Deployment

The entire optimization process is easy and intuitive for application administrators and can be completed with just a few clicks of a mouse. See it in action.

The installation process for the Cachebox’s CacheAdvance software is very simple and requires only very basic administration skills that application and system owners already possess. Step one involves running a non-intrusive workload analyzer on the server to determine whether the application workload can be optimized for performance. Step two automates the complete installation process by identifying operating system versions and which applications are already installed. Once configured, step three recommends specific suggestions and provides intuitive dashboard reports depicting the final results.

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IT teams are increasingly concerned about the speed and cost of delivering services to their end users. The CacheBox CacheAdvance software offers an innovative and cost-effective way for admins to accelerate performance of OLTP databases by leveraging existing server and storage resources to intelligently optimize IO and ultimately accelerate application performance based on the needs of a particular business process or workload.

- Mark Peters, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group.

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